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Food Pantries


Closed but still providing deliveries. Call to arrange food to be delivered.

* Offers a client choice food pantry.  Clients come to the pantry to receive food of their choice.

Eligibility: Must reside in area served. May receive food once a month. Emergency contact to pantries in Livingston County.

Application Process: Call for information. Give one day's notice for food requests.

Required Documentation: Proof of address.

Fees: No fee for service.

Serves zip code 14414, parts of 14423, 14487. Serves the Avon School District.

Avon Food Pantry

Avon Food Pantry provides an emergency food pantry.

108 Prospect Street
Avon NY 14414

Hours: TU 11:00AM-2:00PM
TH 3:00PM-5:00PM


108 Prospect Street
Avon NY 14414


Deliveries take place TU and TH



This program is offered at this site:

Avon Food Pantry

Main Address:
Main Address:

108 Prospect Street

Avon NY 14414

585-358-1671 (Avon Food Pantry HelpLine)

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