Landlord Fund

thru: Connected Communities, Inc.

Assist landlords with one or more properties strictly in the EMMA and Beechwood neighborhoods to undertake mainantance, and repairs, with the goal of improving the affordability and quality of the rental market.
  • Awards up to; $5,000 for a single unit, $7,000 for two or more units in the same property. Only certain maintanance and repair activities will be elegible for the grant. 

Eligibility: Own a rental unit in area of service.
Current on property taxes.
Not in mortgage foreclosure.
Good standing with code enforcement.
Not on the Federal Excluded Parties Entry List.
Willing to submit proposed unit(s) to a free home energy assessment from PathStone.

Application Process: Call, visit the website or email for information.

Required Documentation: Visit the website for documents required.

Fees: No fees for service.

Coverage Note: EMMA and Beechwood Neighborhoods.


This program is offered here:

Connected Communities, Inc.

Map Marker 1
1337 East Main Street
Rochester NY 14609
TU, TH-F 9:00AM-5:00PM.
Bus Service:
RTS - #8 East Main line.
Disabilities Access:
Wheelchair ramp accessibility.



Justin Koch
Project Manager

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Neighborhood Revitalization

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