Never Say Never Foundation

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Never Say Never Foundation

906 Maple Drive
Webster NY 14580
By appointment.

* Offers weekly riding programs seasonally and by appointment to children with special needs.

Eligibility: Participants with serious health issues and/or other social/emotional situations that are considered for eligibility can include but are not necessarily limited to the following: cancer, long term or chronic illness, Downs Syndrome, Autism, Aspbergers, at-risk youth, Anxiety Disorder, depression, OCD, ADD/ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Reactive Detachment Disorder, learning disabilities, documented social or emotional debilitation, life transitions/family Issues, trauma, abuse, neglect and/or life altering setbacks.

Application Process: By appointment.

Fees: See website for more information.

Coverage Note: Monroe County.


Never Say Never Foundation provides life-enriching horse related activities and recreational and instructional horseback riding to children living with special needs.