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Homeschooling Teaching Assistance

Programs that provide information about different approaches families can take to home-based education; homeschooling curriculum materials; consultation regarding learning styles, monitoring and assessing students and other aspects of teaching; academic help; tutorial services, as needed; and other forms of support for parents who are homeschooling their children. Included are school districts that support homeschooling by providing parents with curriculum, textbooks and even a space to meet with other homeschool students. Some schools also allow homeschool students to enroll part time. These students can study core subjects at home, and then enroll in elective classes at a nearby public, private or charter school. There may also be options for homeschool students to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities.

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Thru: Tompkins Seneca Tioga BOCES**

Call or visit website for more information.
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Tompkins Seneca Tioga BOCES**

555 Warren Road
Ithaca, NY

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