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Faith Based Counseling

Programs that specialize in providing therapeutic interventions which focus on helping people relate to and resolve their problems and concerns in the context of their religious/spiritual beliefs. Services are typically provided by ministers, rabbis, priests, imams or lay representatives of a religious tradition who integrate modern psychological thought and methods with traditional religious training. Included are pastoral counseling programs which are offered in a variety of settings including pastoral counseling centers, inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities and in private practice; chaplaincy services where non-denominational clerics are attached to a secular institution such as a hospital, prison, military unit, school, business, police department, fire department, university or private chapel; and other religious counseling disciplines.

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Thru: Give an Hour

Provides no cost mental health services to at-risk groups nationwide including the veteran and military community, victims of natural disasters, and survivors of gun violence through a variety of programs. Please see for eligibility requirement

Give an Hour

Bethesda, MD

Thru: Salvation Army Rochester Area Services

Call for information.
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Salvation Army Rochester Area Services Liberty Pole Way Worship Service Center

60 Liberty Pole Way
Rochester, NY

Youth activities: F 6:00PM. Soup kitchen: SA 9:00AM, SU 9:00AM and 12:30PM.

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