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Youth Courts

Courts which serve as an alternative to Juvenile Justice Courts for youth younger than age 16 who have committed minor delinquent and status offenses or exhibit other problem behaviors. Youth whose cases are heard in youth courts are judged, convicted or exonerated and sentenced by their peers. Variously known as teen, peer, and student courts, youth courts can be administered by and operated by a variety of agencies within a community including law enforcement agencies, juvenile probation departments, juvenile courts, private nonprofit agencies and schools.

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Thru: Cayuga Counseling Services

Residents of area served. Youth who are charged with a violation or misdemeanor. Defendants must be under the age of 16. Must admit guilt. Be willing to be judged by jury of peers.
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Cayuga Counseling Services

17 E Genesee Street
Auburn, NY

Thru: Auburn Police Department

Ages up to 18 years. Must admit guilt and be willing to be judged by a jury of their peers. No previous record of an offense that has gone through Family Court.
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Auburn Police Department

46 North Street
Auburn, NY

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