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Francis Center Program

Catholic Family Center

Eligibility: Must be a homeless male. Must be 18 years of age or older.

Must not have a conviction of arson on their record.

Catholic Family Center Francis Center

547 Joseph Avenue
Rochester, NY

Hours: 24 hours.

Freedom House Program

Catholic Family Center

Eligibility: Males, ages 18 years and older. Completed drug evaluation indicating this level of care.

Languages: Other language assistance available.

Catholic Family Center Freedom House

1645 St. Paul Street
Rochester, NY

Hours: Residential Services: 24 hours.

Al-Anon Family Groups of Greater Rochester

Al-Anon Information Service

Eligibility: Relatives and friends of alcoholics. Alateen: ages 9-16.

Languages: Spanish literature is available. Interpreters for the hearing impaired available at some meetings as indicated on the meeting list.

2480 Browncroft Boulevard
Suite 140
Rochester, NY

STAR Program (Support to Aging Residents)

Catholic Family Center

Eligibility: Age 60 and over.

Languages: Spanish

87 N Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY

Hours: M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM, other hours by appointment.

Sanctuary House Program

Catholic Family Center

Eligibility: Must be willing to apply for public assistance even if turned down. Female children: any age. Male children: up to age 18 years and must accompany the mother.

Must not have a criminal record involving violence or arson.

Languages: Spanish, American Sign Language

Catholic Family Center Sanctuary House

87 N Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY

Restart/Latino Program

Catholic Family Center

Eligibility: Must be spanish speaking substance abuser.

Languages: Spanish

Catholic Family Center Restart Outpatient Chemical Dependency Services

79 N Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY

Sex Abuse Treatment and Crisis Intervention Program

Catholic Family Center

Eligibility: There must be an identified child(ren) at risk of foster care and/or abuse and neglect. Crisis intervention program: 6-8 weeks of service. Sex Abuse Ongoing treatment: a Child Protective Services Management Team needs to be active with the family.

87 N Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY

Home Energy Assistance Program/HEAP

Catholic Family Center

Eligibility: Must be a member of DHS Team 41 (Community SNAP). Call for information. For cooling assistance For cooling assistance, must qualify for HEAP and also have at least one family member with a medical condition exacerbated by heat.

Catholic Family Center HEAP

1460 Lyell Avenue
Suite 100A
Rochester, NY

Hours: Regular HEAP applications: begins November. Emergency HEAP applications: begins January.

Southwest Area Neighborhood Program

Southwest Area Neighborhood Association

Eligibility: None for most services. Various youth services: ages 6-21. Project Touch: ages 7-15. Call for information.

275 Dr. Samuel Mccree Way
Southwest Community Center
Rochester, NY

Place of Hope

Catholic Family Center

Eligibility: Adults unable to be placed in shelter via Monroe County DHS. Code Blue in effect.

Catholic Family Center Place of Hope

146 Hobart Street
Rochester, NY

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