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Socio-Legal Center

provided by Monroe County Office of Mental Health

* Offers mental health evaluations and consultations to Monroe County’s courts and other criminal justice related agencies as required by New York State Mental Hygiene Law.

* Provides temporary coverage for the cost of medications for individuals with a mental illness who leave the local jail or a local hospital, or who return to Monroe County from a state prison, and have applied for Medicaid (Chapter 15 of Kendra’s Law). The Medication Grant program provides funding to counties to pay for the individual’s mental health medications (and some other medications) while they await activation of their Medicaid case.

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Eligibility: None for mental health evaluation (referred via courts/justice system).
Medication assistance: individuals with mental illness being released from jail, local hospital or for individuals who return to Monroe County from a state prison and have applied for Medicaid.

Application Process: Referrals through court, criminal justice and other relevant agency.

Required Documentation: None.

Fees: No fee for service.

Coverage Note: Monroe County.

Cultural Competency: Signage and advertising for diverse populations, Cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion training for staff

Languages: Language line, Materials/literature in language indicated, Website can be translated



Meghan Jenner
Community Mental Health Services Manager

Monroe County Office of Mental Health

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