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Found 3 resources (displaying 3) is an online based services to list rental properties.

5000 T-Rex Avenue
Suite 150
Boca Raton, FL

Affordable Housing

Provides online based listings for rental units nationwide, with options for section 8 voucher recipients. 

Blueprint Geneva

Blueprint Geneva provides community services in the areas of urban agriculture, food justice, environmental justice, employment, economic opportunity, and community building. 

143 Wadsworth Street
Suite 3
Geneva, NY

Pay What You Can Meal Service

Provides a free meal to all. Served in to-go containers, no indoor seating. Prepared by a different chef each week using local food. 

Environmental Justice

Provides referrals to home repair and heating/cooling programs. 

Carrie's Pantry and Closet

Carrie's Pantry and Closet provides a food pantry and clothing items.

4352 Lake Avenue
Rochester, NY

Food pantry and Clothing closet @ Lake Avenue

Provides a food pantry and a clothing closet.

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