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Criminal State Trial Courts

State trial courts that handle infractions punishable by a fine; misdemeanor cases such as petty theft, prostitution, intoxication and vandalism punishable by a fine with a maximum level (usually $1000) and maximum amount of time in county jail (usually a year or less); and felony cases such as murder, possession of dangerous drugs for sale, robbery and rape that are punishable by a state prison term or, in states where capital punishment is legal, by death. In some states a distinction is made between municipal criminal courts which handle infractions, misdemeanors and preliminary hearings for felony cases; and superior criminal courts which try felony cases and misdemeanor cases for which other provisions have not been made. The type of cases handled by criminal trial courts varies by state.

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Thru: Cayuga County Supreme and County Court

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Cayuga County Supreme and County Court

152 Genesee Street
Cayuga County Courthouse, First Floor
Auburn, NY

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