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Health Care

Programs whose primary purpose is to help individuals and families achieve and maintain physical well-being through the study, prevention, screening, evaluation and treatment of people who have illnesses, injuries or disabilities; and the provision of family planning, maternity and other services that relate to human reproduction and sexual health.
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Inpatient Health Facilities (50)

Hospitals (18)

Nursing Facilities (34)

Outpatient Health Facilities (40)

Community Clinics (16)

Hospital Based Outpatient Services (7)

Mobile Health Care (1)

Urgent Care Centers (12)

Veteran Outpatient Clinics (2)

Women's Health Centers (9)

Rehabilitation​/Habilitation Services (143)

Autism Therapy (8)

Braille Instruction (2)

Centers for Independent Living (5)

Condition Specific Rehabilitation Services (12)

Day Rehabilitation (8)

Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities​/Delays (33)

Health Resocialization (1)

Home​/Community Based Developmental Disabilities Programs (25)

Independent Living Skills Instruction (14)

Inpatient Rehabilitation (27)

Occupational Therapy (17)

Orientation and Mobility Training (2)

Physical Therapy (19)

Service Animals (1)

Speech and Hearing (21)

Therapeutic Exercise (3)

Specialized Treatment and Prevention (129)

Alternative Medicine (2)

Chemotherapy​/Radiation Therapy (1)

Chiropractic (3)

Clinical Trials (2)

Company Care Programs (1)

Condition Specific Treatment (56)

Disease Prevention Programs (5)

Gender Reassignment Surgery (1)

Hemodialysis (4)

Home Health Care (25)

Hospice Care (28)

Immunizations (16)

Integrated Physical​/Mental Health Services (4)

Intravenous Medication (1)

Medical Marijuana Registration Programs (1)

Organ Transplants (1)

Outpatient Surgery (2)

Pain Management (4)

Palliative Care (1)

Peritoneal Dialysis (1)

Transgender Hormone Therapy (2)

Weight Management (3)