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Mental Health Self Management Programs

Mental health programs that provide education, training and support for people with severe mental illnesses such as depression, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia that helps them manage their disorder, prevent relapses and re-hospitalizations and achieve personal recovery goals. Participants adopt a self-management care plan; actively share in decision-making with mental health professionals; monitor and manage signs and symptoms or their own condition; manage the impact of the condition on their physical, emotional, occupational and social functioning; and have access to and confidence in their ability to use support services.

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Thru: Deaf Refugee Advocacy, Inc.

Deaf refugees, asylum-seekers, immigrants, and those from US territories and family members.
American Sign Language
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Deaf Refugee Advocacy, Inc.

260 E Main Street
Suite 3500
Rochester, NY

Thru: Evelyn Brandon Health Center

Ages 18 and older, AXIS I mental health diagnosis.
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Evelyn Brandon Health Center

81 Lake Avenue
Rochester, NY

M-F 8:00AM-4:30PM. Tours offered every TU 11:30AM. Open access every M 12:30PM.

Thru: Genesee Mental Health Center

18 years and older.
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Genesee Mental Health Center

224 Alexander Street
Rochester, NY

M-F 8:00AM-4:30PM

Thru: Unity House of Cayuga County, Inc.

Age 18 or older. Psychiatric diagnosis.
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PROSperity Program (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services)

146 North Street
Auburn, NY

Varies. Call for information.

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