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Youth Issues Information Services

Programs that provide information about specific youth-related topics such as alcohol and drug abuse; child abuse; sexuality; sexually transmitted diseases; AIDS; birth control, pregnancy and choices; sexual assault; weight management; relationships; dealing with feelings; family concerns; dealing with rules; and school, career and life choices. Information may be accessed on a website or in person, or by telephone, email, chat, text or other communication channel. Information may be in a self-serve, browsable format (for example a web resource directory or library of audio recordings) or provided by live agents with expertise in the needs and interests of youth.

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Thru: Teen Line


Teen Line

Los Angeles, CA

Thru: Livingston County Youth Bureau

Resident of area served. Ages through to 20 years.
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Livingston County Youth Bureau

6 Court Street
Room 105
Geneseo, NY

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