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Federal Tax Collection Agencies

The federal program that is responsible for assuring that taxpayers, organizations of taxpayers and organizations which serve taxpayers receive the most current information regarding their tax obligations and rights as established by the federal tax system. Duties include informing the public of its rights and responsibilities; communicating requirements of the law to the public; assisting taxpayers in complying with the laws and regulations; and taking those enforcement actions necessary for fair, effective and impartial tax administration. Activities include ensuring satisfactory resolution of taxpayer complaints; providing taxpayer services and education; determining, assessing and collecting internal revenue taxes; determining pension plan qualifications and exempt organization status; and preparing rulings and regulations to supplement the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Thru: United States Internal Revenue Service - Rochester Office

Filing deadline: 4​/15 of each year. Extensions available.
Multilingual assistance (over 150 languages translated).
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United States Internal Revenue Service - Rochester Office

255 East Avenue
Farash Corporation
Rochester, NY

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