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Programs that provide information and guidance for people who need to understand the property tax laws as they relate to individuals in their situation. Most states have provisions for property tax relief, but they vary widely in form. Some jurisdictions levy the tax and provide a true refund of all or a portion of the paid tax; some exempt the property altogether; some defer the property tax until after the death of the owner and then recoup the tax from the proceeds of the sale of the property; some have a blanket exemption in which all property owners over the age of 65 are exempt from all property taxes regardless of income; and some allow a tax credit to be applied toward the income tax for qualified property owners. In the latter situation, individuals not paying income tax may receive a refund of the property tax credit amount or no refund at all, depending on the tax laws of the jurisdiction. Most states determine eligibility for property tax relief by looking at combinations of age, income, disability and veteran status.

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