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Fall Prevention Programs

Programs that are designed to increase public awareness of the risk factors associated with trips, slips and falls by older adults and others in and around their homes and the measures that can be taken prevent their occurrence. Delivery formats may include fact sheets, safety check lists or other informational materials; individual or group educational sessions which may include strength and balance exercises; and general media campaigns. The programs may address illnesses and other physical conditions that affect mobility and balance; "high-risk" medications or medication combinations that may cause drowsiness; lack or improper use of needed mobility aids; proper versus improper footwear; environmental safety hazards such as unsafe or unlighted stairways, uneven or slippery walking surfaces, obstacles such as throw rugs and exposed cords or wires, unsteady furniture or lack of grab bars and handrails; and other similar factors.

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Thru: Lifespan of Greater Rochester

60 years of age and older.
Map Marker 1

Lifespan of Greater Rochester

1900 S Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY

Thru: Center Well Home Health

Determined at the time of assessment. Resident of areas served.
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Center Well Home Health

115 Continuum Dr.
Liverpool, NY

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Center Well Home Health - Corning

11849 East Corning Road
Suite 108
Corning, NY

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Center Well Home Health- Auburn

425 Grant Avenue
Auburn, NY

Map Marker 5

Center Well Home Health- Fulton

810 S 1st St
Fulton, NY

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