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Mobile Health Care

Programs that use specially equipped mobile vehicles to deliver basic health care services to vulnerable and/or remote populations that are unable to access a community health care facility. The mobile clinics make scheduled stops in different neighborhoods and offer a wide variety of services which may include general physical examinations, pediatric services, health screening, vision screening, flu shots, childhood immunizations, laboratory services, WIC certification, STD screening and treatment, family planning services, pregnancy testing and treatment for minor illnesses. Included are street medicine programs that use outreach workers to seek out and provide primary health care services for unsheltered homeless people living on the streets, under bridges, in abandoned buildings or wherever else they stay.

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Thru: Rochester Regional Health - St. Mary's Campus

Individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
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Regional Health Reach

360 Monroe Avenue
Suite 2
Rochester, NY

Information available: 8:00AM-4:30PM. After-hours service available through answering service. Clinic hours: by appointment. Medical van: M, F. Dental van: TU-TH.

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