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Disease Prevention Programs

Programs that help people who have a family history or other risk factors associated with a chronic disease such as heart disease and stroke, cancer and diabetes make lifestyle or other changes that can prevent the disease or limit the initial onset. In addition to health promotion activities that encourage healthy living, prevention also embraces early detection efforts, including screening at-risk populations, as well as strong community-clinical linkages to help ensure that people at high risk of chronic diseases have access to community resources and support to prevent, delay or manage chronic conditions once they occur. Some programs may provide preventive care interventions for people who have a broader array of health concerns.

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Thru: Exercise Express

Map Marker 1

Danforth Community Center

200 West Avenue
Rochester, NY

Thru: Geneseo Parish Outreach Center

Uninsured or underinsured. 300% or less of the poverty level.
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Geneseo Parish Outreach Center

4520 Genesee Street
Geneseo, NY

Thru: Anthony Jordan Health Center

Varies by service. Call for information.
Spanish, Russian, Southeast Asian, Somali, Vietnamese. Additional languages may be available.
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Anthony Jordan Health Center

82 Holland Street
Rochester, NY

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Woodward Health Center

480 Genesee Street
Rochester, NY

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