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Internet Support Groups

Mutual support groups that schedule virtual "meetings" via the Internet. Included are e-mail listserv groups (which distribute posted messages to participants via e-mail), bulletin/message boards (whose postings are restricted to people who register), newsgroups (whose postings are unrestricted and open) and chat groups (which permit real time discussion) that are devoted to providing support for participants around a particular issue. Internet support groups are generally available around the clock; and are convenient for people with limited mobility, serious health issues or transportation problems, who don't have time for face-to-face meetings, or who simply wish to maintain their privacy and remain anonymous. They may be the only option for individuals with rare disorders or other unusual problems who are unlikely to find enough people in their local area to form a support group. Internet support groups may be monitored by professionals, but most are not.

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Thru: Finger Lakes Narcotics Anonymous

Desire to stop using drugs.
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Finger Lakes Narcotics Anonymous

PO Box 921
Geneva, NY

Thru: Al-Anon Information Service

Relatives and friends of alcoholics. Alateen: Ages 13-18.
American Sign Language
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Al-Anon Information Service

2480 Browncroft Boulevard
Suite 140
Rochester, NY

Varies. Check website for details at or

Thru: Alcoholics Anonymous of the Finger Lakes

Desire to stop drinking.
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Alcoholics Anonymous of the Finger Lakes

P.O. Box 204
Clifton Springs, NY

Thru: Narcotics Anonymous World Services

Resident of area served.
Spanish, Hindi, French Canadian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Farsi, Nepali

Narcotics Anonymous World Services

Meetings offered at various times. Call for information.

Thru: LGBT National Help Center

LGBTQIA+ individuals ages 12-19.

LGBT National Help Center

San Francisco, CA

Tu-W 7:00PM-9:00PM EST.

Thru: Hope Dealers BTC, Inc.

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Multiple Pathways

PO Box 64264
Rochester, NY

Thru: Nicotine Anonymous World Services

Individuals with the desire to be nicotine free.

Nicotine Anonymous

Dallas, TX

Meeting times vary by location. Please check website or call toll-free number for current meeting schedules.

Thru: Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office Rochester

Desire to stop drinking.
Sign language and Spanish interpreters available.
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Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office Rochester

1000 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY

Thru: Al-Anon/Alateen

Friends and families of alcoholics; separate meetings for teens and adults.
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112 Lancaster Place
Syracuse, NY

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