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A state program with matching federal block grant funds administered by the county or the state under state guidelines that provides time-limited cash assistance for needy families with (or expecting) children as well as job preparation, work opportunities and access to supportive services such as child care which enable parents receiving assistance to leave the program and become self-sufficient. TANF, which ends the federal entitlement known as AFDC, creates a five-year lifetime limit on cash assistance for most adult recipients; requires that recipients be working or participating in a work-related activity within two years and cooperate with comprehensive child support enforcement efforts including paternity establishment; and contains special live at home and stay in school provisions for teenage parents. States have wide latitude in structuring their TANF programs and may obtain waivers which exempt them from specific federal requirements. Recipients may receive monthly checks or be given electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards which allow them to access their cash benefits at automated teller machines (ATMs) or point of sale (POS) equipment that is located in grocery stores, banks and other commercial locations.

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Thru: Seneca County Division of Human Services

Varies depends on program.
Map Marker 2

Seneca County Division of Human Services

1 DiPronio Drive
Waterloo, NY

M-F 8:30AM-5:00PM.

Thru: Wayne County Department of Social Services

Call for information.
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Wayne County Social Services Department

77 Water Street
Lyons, NY

M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM.

Thru: Cayuga County Department of Social Services

Cayuga County residents. Income based eligibility for all programs. Call for information.
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Cayuga County Department of Social Services

160 Genesee Street
Auburn, NY

Thru: Ontario County Department of Social Services/DSS

Complete application for services. Attend applicant orientation. In-person interview with social worker. Family Assistance: 30 hours per week of work or training. Variations depending on programs. Call for information.
Spanish, American Sign Language
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Ontario County Department of Social Services Canandaigua

3010 County Complex Drive
Canandaigua, NY

Thru: Monroe County Department of Human Services

Low or marginal income. Landlords participate in housing and repair program. Landlords must agree to rent for two years at Social Services rate.
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Monroe County Human Services Department St. Paul Street

691 Saint Paul Street
Rochester, NY

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