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Reading Services for People With Disabilities

Programs that provide people with visual impairments or other disabilities that limit their ability to read print material with access to recorded tapes, readings from current popular publications or a volunteer who reads for them. Included are radio reading services which offer programming that features highlights from national newspapers, articles from periodicals, or novels and other special interest reading material; telephone reading services which provide access to prerecorded material via touch-tone telephone; and programs that arrange for a call or visit by a volunteer reader.

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Thru: National Federation of the Blind

Visual impairment must be documented.
Map Marker 1

National Federation of the Blind of New York

2175 Sheridan Drive
Buffalo, NY

Thru: Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service

Blind, Sight-Impaired.
Map Marker 2

Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service

1199 Harlem Road
Buffalo, NY

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