Senior Meals

Covid-Related Senior Meal Program Comes to a Close


With local COVID cases dropping dramatically over the last year, mask and social distancing mandates lessening, and funds to support COVID-related emergency programming expiring, the City of Rochester is ending the Senior Meal Program.

You are encouraged to sign up for meals through March. The Senior Meal Program officially ends Friday, March 31, 2023.

The program proved successful during the worst of the pandemic, keeping restaurants across the city open and getting meals to seniors in every neighborhood. Since August 2020 and through three rounds of federal funding, the program has served thousands of seniors over 50,000 hot meals from over 30 independent restaurants in Rochester.

If you need help getting food immediately, call 211 or visit our Food Resources Category on

There you will find locally available food programs and resources like food pantries, hot meal programs, and meal delivery options.